May Update, 2020 

The executive are closely monitoring 
the government regulations from the Public Health Office.  All general meetings have been cancelled until further notice.  Annual membership fees for currently enrolled members have been waived for 2020.
The club would like to invite members of the community who would like to join our email list free of charge for 2020.  Please send us an email with the subject line "add my email" .
We try and offer a bit of local advice, suggestions and info every week.


Maple Ridge Garden Club

Whether it's a tiny herb garden on your balcony or a huge garden estate, learn gardening here.  The club meets on the third Wednesday nine times a year.   A guest speaker is invited to speak and generally gives a forty five minute presentation.  Coffee and snacks are served after the presentation, followed by local garden tidbits, general club updates and door prizes. 

Education and beautification of our community

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